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So after nearly half a year bailing out on blogging.... again, I have managed to put everything aside and come back with so many exciting news and wonderful things for Fashion & The Geek. First of all, my sincere apology to everyone who has been my audience since the first day, as with a colossal amount of uni work, moving, relocation and settling, I did have to postpone all once were my fashion projects for the time, and sorted things out orderly. Secondly, now that I'm back and hopefully for good, I have some updates to do:

But no Sydney or Melbourne as the vast majority would opt to select or have thought about me going to. I am currently on an exchange program with University of South Australia, one of the top universities located in Adelaide, South Australia, with lots of twists and turns I did not expect.

What were my first thoughts after arrival?

During the first month since I arrived, I was actually quite depressed with what this city could offer me to be honest. Having lived in always-busy places like London or as effervescent as Birmingham with their nightlife, it is blatant that you would be quite stunned by how peaceful and quiet the town is, and not to mention I am living in probably one of the busiest areas of the city, with all the clubs and pubs surround in the neighbourhood which pack the whole street on Friday and Sunday nights, and yet, it still seems quite dessert. Being someone who enjoys good night-outs with mates back at home on a weekly basis, this is a bit of a struggle for me to do the same here in Adelaide. However, I am not gonna complain about how difficult it has been for me for the past 3 months settling in and meeting new people, and not to not even seeing a kangaroo yet.

What do I think about Adelaide after living here for 3 months?

It is a moderately small but all so charming city, and manifestly owns its beautiful traits. If anyone has seen "Princess and The Frog" with the exciting and jazz-filled New Orleans, then Adelaide to me has been able to capture the modernity but also serenity that were infused into this little town (no jazz though), with the public tram running around the city centre, architecture features both the olden days' buildings and the stylishly glass-windowed office towers, beautifully decorated coffee shops with a tasteful menu of drinks and scrumptious dishes.

Down on the street are those magicians with such crafty tricks, amazingly talented singers, guitarist and violinist. Taking a stroll on that central path, you will find lots of cute little spots with yummy snacks for a sunny afternoon, like a minivan selling coffee and sandwiches, the buttery and caramelised smell floating in the air from Johny's Popcorn trolley, a colourful juice bar filled with the freshest of tropical fruits, special offer for coconuts, with barrels set up as standing counters and tables for customers to enjoy their freshly made drinks neutralising the busy but also lively sphere at mid day; and a mini outdoor flower boutique but filled with the most flattering shades and scents of all kinds of flowers.

And when the night comes in, the city comes to life with lights from all corners in the city, with the firework lighting up the night on the full-moon festival, from the people enjoying their nights at a pub after a long day at work. 

Further away from the city, just hopping on the tram, a bus, or taking a short ride with your friends at the weekends, you will find yourself lost in the golden sunshine blending with the blue sky, the crystal clear water of the ocean, the wild green grass the warm feeling on your feet of the white sand. As it is in the transition to the end of the day, the sky is  painted with a rich orangey red glow and then slowly falls into the depth of the dark night, and lit up by the lights from the surroundings. Altogether becomes a marvelous and delightful piece of art in motion.

Fingers crossed for more exciting funs to come up, part 2 is when I am going to talk about the people I have been surrounded by and how amazingly kind, friendly and talented they are; and one thing for sure: I cannot tell enough how blessing it has been to me just being able to see them everyday. Meanwhile I hope you all enjoy what the city has got to offer.

Photo credits to Martin Vueey Le, a very talented photographer which I am going to talk more in my next post. You can check his work at Vueey Le photography

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