A Day At London Fashion Weekend SS 2015


So you know it's just too typical of me to post an event happened probably weeks ago. I have been super busy with uni work and it was probably one of the most off week I experienced during uni time. It's that sort of down feeling that encounters you but there couldn't be any words to describe how irritating it is or what has led to that state. One whole week with a roller coaster mood swing and I almost surrendered to the life ahead of me, thinking I just could not hang around in the shadow of this circulation anymore. However, everything started brightening up as soon as I acknowledge London Fashion Weekend was coming nearby, excitement did not cover entirely how I felt coming back to London, and this time was another fashion event after British Fashion Awards (pics would be available at the end of this post :P) And now is the time to retrace the memory :P

This time it was so fortunate for me to get to travel with my two beautiful best friends/flatmates Louisa and Lauren xx They were absolutely perfect travelling companions, we had tons of fun together enjoying the beauty and spontaneousness of London.

The main highlight of this trip would be the London Fashion Weekend 2015. For anyone who does not know about the event, this takes place right after the fashion week. And as I have been praying everyday to be invited to London Fashion Week, this was an amazing occasion to demonstrate myself, enjoy the sphere of the surroundings, and I can be pretty sure I had been photographed a lot :P. And speaking of this event, I reckon something classy and edgy, with a touch of vintage would be nice. I am chuffed to bits that this season, Zara's new line features the new long waistcoats, which I have been fancying for yonks. So for the look of the event, I chose the Long Tailored Waistcoat in marine blue, it was a very daring decision as this was actually from the women's section this season, but it is very Dior SS15 inspired and I just could not get over the idea. Unfortunately the waistcoat has already run out, but there is a similar Long Waistcoat in bright orange and I think it was just as lovely. Together, I paired twith the Linen Trousers in ice colour and the Striped Sweatshirt cause stripes and whites are just perfect elements for summer wardrobe. Embracing the whole idea of chic and classy, I added a touch of leather brown to the look from the Monk Strap Shoes and the Sleek Clutch. Unfortunately, these two items are from last season but still, monk strap has been a big trend in men's smart shoes and I just cannot deny how beautiful and vintage looking they are.

The event was so popular I could not imagine the amount of guests attending. So many great bloggers, stylists came to the event with such awesome outfits.

This was also a great opportunity to expand my connections with other bloggers, to make new friends and just enjoy the time together. It was blatant that I could not go to the event without my best friend since college Ninaneko . However, I also got to meet new bloggers/friends that are truly talented and undisputedly fashionable.

The Bohemian Brighties ,Iqah and Amal, were the first ones I got to meet up. I adore these 2 fabulous girls not only for their high fashioned looks, which till now I am still obsessed, but also for their lovely personalities. It might sound quite superficial and attention-seeking, but we were photographed so many times while having a walk around, especially me and Iqah since we kind of going together as a pair :P

Getting to know one of the Wearriors, Ainul, was probably one of the coolest thing as well. I could not stop going on about how talented and creative this girl is. She is definitely an amazing and wonderful mature lady, with a great sense of fashion. As we were sitting on the same row at the show, listening to her discussion with Nina over the idea of building a serious fashion empire at their hometown, Brunei, was really inspirational to me and I give lots of respect to her as a senior.

Lady Zaza was another adorable lady I got to meet. Unfortunately I did not get the chance to take photos with her, but you definitely should check her channel/blog, she a very professional and talented makeup artist, I could not describe how much I admire her beautiful work.

Showrooms features different brands and trends straight from the catwalk to off the runway. This was the time for me to explore and broaden my knowledge of the British fashion, though I was more than overwhelmed walking to the room.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I will be reviewing the fashion shows, as there are many exciting, eye catching and very attractive spring summer trends on the catwalk this season.

And as promised, here are some of the moments me and Nina had together at the British Fashion Awards 2014

Stay Chic

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