About The Geek

Yes, I may not look like a complete geek, but I do feel like a geek and I enjoy it. I grew up being the most awkward and shyest kid among them youth, and I may still probably be. It is not the way I cram for knowledge, which rarely happened, that has made me a geek, it is my way of interaction that has turned me so. However, I learnt to live with my flaw and camouflage the whole quiet side of mine with everything else I can offer. Fashion is my dream and passion since the early age. If them geeks can name different factors of a chemical substance and solve an equation for a combination of elements for a new reaction when colliding, then I can name all the designers known and their latest designs in the market, I can solve a fashion equation and calculate the end result to be the trendiest and most stylish look I could possibly do. That is one major reason why Fashion & The Geek was created.

Throughout my whole life, I have been living and relocating in many places, from Asia to Europe and back Lol. Having got the opportunities to experience different cultures and traditions is the most wonderful thing ever happened to me. This blog is firstly about my life, daily activities, family and friends and all beauties revolving around MOI.

As saying, my amazing imaginary world is fashion, and I am hoping to bring that world to everybody who enjoys and passionates about fashion. I may dream big all the time, but that is who I am, I may have to start from scrap, or even no scrap at all, but I know the end of the rainbow is glowing like telling me it is awaiting ahead.

As for the moment, I am still unsure where this is going to, or what I am going to do. So let's just take on this journey with me for now. And who knows if later on, I will not be talking about chemical substances, solving maths equations or posting a video talking about the history of nowhere? we'll see about that :D

A few last words: Welcome to the world of Fashion & The Geek, hope you will enjoy your visit.