A Fresh Start


Around this time last year, i was on my very first few steps on becoming a fashion blogger. Unfortunately, timing has never been my strong suit as it was at the same time i had to worry about moving to the UK after finishing A level in Singapore and trust me, it was a whole lot of work to take care of especially when you have no idea what to do when you were then to become an university student about to move 6,230 miles away from home and live on a different time zone. And so saying goodbye to my dreams in the fashion industry was a big crush to me but i still held on to my hope that one day, I would be able to sit here again sharing my love for fashion.

 Moving to Birmingham has been a whole new experience for me and a lot has been going on ever since. New place, new people, same me but more determined and with new goals ahead. And who knows UK could be a place for coincidences when i found out my best friend Nina Saiful was also moving to Leeds, which stunned me for a while with so much happiness i could not even say it out loud. She is an amazing fashion blogger with an exquisite sense of style that totally inspires me and getting reconnected with her and figuring the similarities we have in fashion made me come to realise that it was then the time for me and fashion to rejoice together.  

Of course it would be a tough time at first to restart everything and since my last blog was quite much a letdown, taking baby step was a wise choice to do. Birmingham might not be the greatest place for fashion but i was able to find all the support i need to take the first steps back to the fashion industry; and there is a plus to it which is Birmingham is only around 2-3 hours by train away from London, one of the greatest fashion capital in the world, so it is a yay for me.

As the time flew by, it is important for me to be more mature and take what I do, including fashion more, seriously. A year walked pass and things have changed, especially for fashion. I remember when i first started blogging, my knowledge for fashion was so limited and I used to be quite critical, not to mention "mean as a little bitch" as my friend said. Hence, it took me a pretty long time to finally come to the decision of coming back to blogging and show more dedication and passion to it as a fashion lover. Personally, I feel everything is gonna turn out great, especially with all the help and support from the people around me.

Currently, there have been a lot of plans for me and my friend Nina to do together and we cannot wait to share it with you lots. Also, please do follow me and my instagram @lenpham107 and my lookbook at http://lookbook.nu/chicgeek1007 and comment down below, i'd be very happy to follow and get to know other fashion bloggers out there.

If you were wondering what i was doing in the lift in the photo, well all i could say was that i felt super lucky not to get caught for doing my first photoshoot while vandalising the campus's property as the CCTV was not working properly, LOL.

Items are from Topman and Zara.

Photo credits to Nguyen Dinh Loc. Thank u for having the patience and tolerance to go out and take all these photos for me.

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