Take Me To The Eden


Okay, I know it is the mid of June and it is no good to remind people of the cold and windy weather in the last winter or early spring. But since I am here hanging out alone, being a totally lazy human being with my Royce chocolate next to me, after having done my wash-up and laundry, now enjoying my night under this cool relaxing air from the air-conditioner (I know that's a lot of things to list), I've decided to take a little trip back in time to the day I came to Liverpool with a few mates of mine; when spring was in the air and the sky filled the golden sunshine and the lovely pure white and flirty pink tones of peach blossoms.

Starting the outing with finding myself lost directions, so I took some time to just sit back and waited till my mates figured all the destinations to go in the city. And while doing so, why not taking some photos when I had a whole sky of white peach blossoms and a mate as my photographer doing nothing :P!!

Afterwards, we had a wonder tour around the city, visiting all the beautiful scenes and museums and especially the famous football club Liverpool. It might have been a normal trip for my group if i did not take notice of this beautiful place where the view was spectacular, the grass was filled flowers falling from the trees, and it was the time when the sun was at its brightest with the breezes of the early spring. So I said it was a perfect place for a photoshoot to be taking place.

Spring was in the air and winter seemed to leave no trace behind, but it was still giving me the chill of the very first days of early spring. So for the look of the day, I decided to go with something chic, but still says casualty and suitable for a walking day-out. The place was filled with bright colours, so I felt dark and neutral colours would do the job. I combined a white jacquard jumper with hidden print and a black pair of jeans with some veins coming off the surface on the knees. Also dark marine would work so I took my suede biker jacket in marine blue with a pair of brown leather boots to create a more dusty and rough look as subjecting to the outing. But if you see on the picture above when I took my jacket off, the look just turns to be more romantic and still works the surrounding in a different way; which is why I always love to have black on white on my outfit's colour palette. For accessories, Prada foldable shades are still my choice to go with as it is very versatile that it is able to match with different looks, from daily casual to formalwear; and an oiled rucksack with pockets. The reason I added this bag to the look is because of its colour and also i have been obsessing with the runway looks of Chanel SS 2014 when models carried the Chanel backpacks on the side; so i thought why not do the same but with a different backpack that I could find (or at least able to afford Lol), that could give some swag to the look. 

All in all, it was a great trip and I had such a great time with my mates, and not to mention these amazing photos too. Here is one where i picked up some peach blossoms :D!!

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