Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Menswear Collection


Yep, once again, just one step away from the live stream shows like Fendi, Valentino, Gucci and so many other fabulous shows, I felt like it was not my fate to be able to witness the awesomeness that has been brought by Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 menswear collection. While lounging around with the very last episodes of Gossip Girl season 2 played on my laptop, I came to realise the show had been on live for almost 10 mins and there was no way I could get myself in. So mournfully I just could sit back and watch every single look came onto the website in images (btw, if anyone knows how to watch the live show on nowfashion.com please tell me cause I've been trying like who knows how many time just to catch new fashion shows coming up). I must say after the leaving of Mr. Jacobs, I'd never think Louis Vuitton could be as wonderful as before with the new designers. However, this spring 2015, Kim Jones has been able to transfuse his enthusiasm into the latest menswear collection and brought a new vibe and freshness, giving a new breath to Louis Vuitton.

I am not a big fan of mustard yellow but here, the colour looks totally fresh and summery, especially with the way Kim Jones mixed it with dark colours like navy and dark marine, and how he arranged the looks make a great contrast between colours but give that edginess to the show; also the cutting of the garments is very sharp, which has increased the level of chicness and elegance.

One of the highlights this collection is the V and X-printed polos and zigzag patterned shirts. No need to say further, the use of grey and orange shades as the print and theme and definitely the pink collar are genius. It increases the elegance of the look, but at the same time it is so functional in a way that you can wear them to go on a cruise, or out for a picnic or just a garden party with friends. Also as the top is already very fancy, it is a good idea to match it with a simple pair of black or white trousers would make the outfit more high-classed.

Whoever says men cannot wear pink is total nonsense. We men, in fact, can rock the pink look just as fabulous as women do in a rough edgy way. In my personal opinion, pink can look very sporty on men; it does not just open to men a wider range of choices for daily wear but also a way to make us stand out and our personalities shine.

 These are the things you don't often see in Louis Vuitton menswear: tracksuits, big floppy trousers with zippers and studs coming together. This is new side of LV and something beyond my expectation: tougher, more daring, unique and definitely edgier.

And obviously, the suits cannot be missing in the show. White and dark navy suits and black trench coat are the perfect choice for a white party or any events in the evening.

Tell me what you think on the collection :P

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