The French Boy


First of all, my very sincere apology to all the fellow bloggers for this massive delay in my posts. I have to admit I am the laziest blogger on earth; but as God is my witness, I do not mean to become a lazy bum just lounging around the house every last day of the summer, plus all the trips I have to go on with my family just takes up all of my time to do a blog post and not everywhere I go is internet-available :( and that's not all. Since I've come back home, I've been struggling with finding myself a photographer, the thing with me is I always seek for the very best when it comes to doing a shoot for my post, unless I'm totally out of choices, then I'll have to go with the family's help (and trust me, none of them knows how to use a Canon 550D :P). And so the problem's been on for almost 2 months and 2 weeks which I was so gutted ( and I make counting of the days, Lol).

Fortunately for me, as I was going through my Facebook one night, I stopped by a post of a photoshoot done by this chap; blimey, his work's quite the Mutt's nuts :P. However, if there's anything I've learnt through the time, there is no negotiation goes swimmingly without a "but", as he told me he'd only have free time on sunday while I was in such a rush to publish this post after quite a delay. After days of chat and all the persuading and flattering and even desperate begging (yea..... idk wot's made me do that :P), he'd given up the idea and finally agreed on this not so holy alliance with me to do a shoot on a sunny monday afternoon and for me, I've got my first photoshoot at my hometown, hell yes Lol.

Let me just say this look I'm posting today is the final picture of quite a number of puzzles of inspired garments from different timing in the summer coming altogether that I've got during the last 2 months of summer :D. As the Chanel Cruise 2015 first gone viral, I instantly got blown by the mesmerising look on Lindsey Wixson with the big white laced floppy sheer trousers and sandals, and so I thought why not doing a guy's version for this look, since it's still summer for me here in the middle of September :P!!

Men's fashion does not just revolve on the axis the manliness, strong and cutting edged garments that compliments the shape of the guy's body, brings out his wide shoulders, moderate enhancement of the muscles, but could go further with those oversized garments hiding the roughness, covering weaknesses of the body, and creates a softer, more elegant side of a gentleman. Each and everyone has their own personal style, that "it" factor of mine is the additional androgyny, which I usually take inspiration from womenswear from high end brands like Chanel and Dior, bring them intertwined with the masculinity from like Ann Demeulemeester, Givenchy, Kris Van Assche etc to take them into my daily wears; it is the message I wanna deliver from each look: chicness and personality.

 And so my first instinct is to browse Zara's online store since it's been one of my favourites yet. I found these white pair of Oversized Bermuda Shorts which was such a great purchase since it's gone on sales for the end of season down to only £7.99.  They're not exactly white as the one from Chanel, but I'm always a fan of cream white, yet the colour's very versatile 2 go with any outfit xx As I was having butchers at the look Zara's created on the website, it's quite sporty, almost basketball alike. However, I wanted something of a vintage look, so I set my mind on a different path when I was holding a box of Ladureé, this out of the blue connection to France and the French's fashion just found its way into my head, so I follow the trail of my imagination back to those old French black and white movies when you always see those newspaper boys with sailor striped top and shorts with cross-body buckles and wot seems almost like a knit bowler hat (or that might be it Lol), which I think is quite fancy today for a casual wear. 

Back in the trip 2 Singapore at the end last July, my mind was still travelling on all thoughts about the inspired outfit whilst I was on a shopping spree with my sister around Orchard. Before I could have said anything, I was already standing outside Zara store in Takashimaya, one of the main and largest shopping mall in the heart of Orchard. In a blink of an eye, I came to realise the AW collection's already been available in store, I could have heard my self pitching from inside, it's like we were meant to be. Again, Zara's got just right pieces for me, their range of hats are simply amazing, vintage and elegant. I've picked for myself a Plain Cotton Hat in dark navy, but I doubt you can tell the difference from black unless it's under the light and I've been wearing it ever since almost every time I go out. Inspired of its colour, it's such a perfect match for almost every of my outfit, that's just to tell you how character changing it can be with different looks I pulled up. Another thing you usually see from the French newspaper boys in those classic movies is the sailor striped top and a pair of leather shoes. But my vision was quite against the old image by going with a pair of sandals. Unfortunately,  the pair of ASOS Sandals with Woven Leather Strap was not available for me as my mate's forgotten to pack it with her luggages and bring it back from UK for me :(. However, I'm so chuffed with the second choice I've made. It was quite jammy as I've come by this pair of Sin Britania Sandals which is definitely vintage and chic, with real leather in black and the best part is, it was on sales for only half price (woop woop :P) 

This has turned out quite amazingly just the way I wanted it to be though many people might think it'd be a bit editorial or over the top with the poses :P. It's just obvious I'm no French and the backdrop for the photoshoot was not even in France, but this is like a tribute paid by me to the beautiful city of light and to myself for not being to make it onto the trip to Europe with my mates in UK, wot a bummer tho! Wishing one day I could get an opportunity to live my dream in the city of love :P. Hope you all will enjoy this look I've created and may you all have an amazing Friday coming up and later then a perfect weekend with your beloved ones. 

Photo credits to Soobio Photography :P, thank you for doing this shoot with me, even though I have almost turned you narked in the first place and probably throughout the photo shootLmao!!

Stay Chic

P/S: I'm changing the template of the blog, so if you see any unfitted pieces, please excuse me for my html editing as to mention I'm totally gormless looking at my Mac's screen and sometimes even getting brassed off at all these codes Lol :P!! Also If any of you wanna check out Soobio's work, here's his Facebook link

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