Back In The UK


So again, this is probably the second time I have to apologise for my procrastination on blogging. In my defence, I was super busy with preparation for moving back to UK after 4 months long of summer at home and blimey, there was so much on my plate that took up 3 weeks of mine to get ready and settle down in UK, along with a huge piles of Uni work that I keep avoiding not to think about :(. To be honest, it was quite an emotional farewell this time for me as you would know that feeling when you've been to somewhere for so long, you'll get more attached to the place, not to mention that is my hometown where my family is in. To top it off, since my last month at home was so amazingly good with late morning wakeup, going gym, having spa, fancy dinners, night-outs with mates and most of all, driving in my own car :P or wot's seemed to be my car in the near future, as it was my parents' but I drive it all the time heheh xx Here are some shameless moments of my summer with me and my mates while we were together :D

Back to the UK, it's been quite a change of air for me, although it was quite an emotional moment to say goodbye to my family again and will not be able to see them for at least about a year :( it's been a week after the fresher's week that I was able to make it on time and got to fanny around quite a bit more before the academic week's actually started. Starting off with moving up to a higher floor, the view is actually better up here, since I was on the ground floor for 1st year and tbh, it was not a pleasant stay throughout the year for me, one thing i couldn't even open my window to get some air in my room, but now I can, plus no more peeking and shamelessly showing my body while getting ready or just out of the bathroom Lmao :P. Here's New Street, a corner of Birmingham City Centre :D

Even though I do feel my space is narrowed as moving upstairs, I'm quite excited to make it the best and most decorative space of my own as I did not get the opportunity to do the same during fresher's year :( However, there's still one not so little thing kinda bugs me. Moving upstairs, thinking I could just open my curtain and window everyday to welcome sunshine into my room as how I've seen in the movies (which I know is never gonna happen Lol) till one day whilst I was getting ready for my lecture, literally having just come out of the shower.... naked with only a towel :( I was looking outside the window and soon to realise that the people living on the same level to me in the opposite building were like sticking their eyeballs to the window looking straight into my room, apparently they've been enjoying themselves in a good stripping show without paying to go to a strip club. And so there goes my flawless dream of waking up with the sun shining on my face cause now the curtain's closing.

Reuniting with my best friend and mates is just an amazing feeling after a whole long summer :P some of my favourite moments to be recorded in the book of Lenny's 2014 heheh!!

Along with all my friends from fresher's, my flatmates are probably ones of the most awesome people I've ever met and I genuinely feel blessed living with them :P First day moving in my new flat, when I was trying to pull my luggages out of the lift, I just stumbled right in front of a guy waiting for the lift cause apparently, my almost-above-baggage-allowance suitcase and hand-luggages just decided not to listen to me after I sent them in the luggage cabinet where they got pushed and shoved and spun like crazy. However he was so friendly that offered some help and later then I found out his name's Luke:P. Oh boy, did I drop a clanger, as after settling in for a while, it was him with another of my flatmates of mine names Anthony who also knocked on my door to say hi too., who then turned out to be one of my flat mates :D And these 2 lovely girls Lauren and Louisa who are like best friends to me now. We had an awesome movie night watching Magic Mike (Mostly starring at Channing Tatum stripping off on stage Lol) and The Conjuring which literally scared the hell out of both of them Looooool :P So far, everything in second year's been amazing for me with my amazing new friends.

I know I have not been active lately on blogging, which is something I really wanna change and so I wanna announce there are gonna be different projects and exciting events coming up on my blog. Also I'm gonna start doing posts on inspirational street fashion and different editorials that suits my interest xx Hopefully, this will make up for the time I was away from here :P Hope u all will have a lovely weekend with ur beloved xx

Stay chic!!

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