Happy Birthday To Me!!


So it's been nearly 2 weeks (or 1, i dont remember Lol) since the special occasion and I know this post is quite behind the schedule but still, I've decided to publish this post as a tribute from myself to my birthday, heheh. At 12:20 A.M on 10th of July 19 years ago, a not so healthy baby boy was uttering his first cry while brought to the world, the doctors were afraid he could not make it through. But with all the love and determination from his beloved mommy and daddy, he has grown into this guy today, sitting here and sharing all of this to you <3.

This year has got a little twist as my grandfather's passing anniversary happened to be on my birthday as well. So me and my sister decided to have a small warm dinner within the family and relatives the days after, (highlighting DAYS lol :P). Fortunately for me, I was able to make it last till monday the week after *evil laugh*. But then the main party was still held on Sunday, and I'm telling you it was one of the best moments highlighted in 2014, hahah!

If you wander why my birthday cake has the image of Courage The Cowardly Dog, it's because my sister's been calling me like that ever since I started using the emos on this app called LINE :P and she told me I looked exactly like it. Wot a wonderful sister I have!! 

     I love you, mommy <3 <3

Usually people think the later birthdays would not be special anymore after the 18th birthday (or at least that's wot I think people think :P, But it's necessary to me as it would be the last birthday to celebrate the age starts with number 1, yep. I'm that type of person who's afraid of not able to age gracefully and happily as others, and probably obsessed with botox when I'm nearby 40-ish Lol. Being young, fresh and energetic is an obsession with anyone, especially the fashion industry. So when I'm 20, we are all gonna party for my second 19th birthday, There wont be a tiny space for you lots, wrinkles hahahah. Partying is not the choice I've made since I think it's a good day to be with my family, with my parents who have given life and raised me to who I am today, and with my relatives who have always stood by my side supporting me no matter wot. I feel so blessed to be a part of this big loving family.

             My beautiful sister <3 <3

I feel like having accomplished so many things before turning 19: getting into university, moving to UK, meeting new people and making new friends, finishing my first year quite successfully, starting my fashion blog as well as fashion projects with my best friend Nina, and already got my driving license heheh (I still could not believe I've passed that test cause it was raining like hell), I know that's a lot of things to list out, but they're are quite major though :P. And now, it feels like a totally new me, ready to venture in the next stage of my life.

I could live this moment forever, not that I'm the centre of the party, but because I wanna be with these loving people, especially my nieces and nephews, it's been so long since I last saw them, which is around a year back when I first moved to UK. There couldn't be a bigger joy for an uncle like me to be reunited with them :) love you all to bits <3 <3.

I really wanna say thank you so much to all you bloggers out there for all the support you've been giving to me ever since I first started this site. I'm still very astonished to receive this much of support for my blog cause I honestly thought this might not work out at the end of the day. But going through each and every comment of yours makes me feel so lucky and happy to know every one of you beautiful and talented people out there and hopefully in the near future, I'll get to be friends and to co-operate with you in wonderful fashion projects. Wish you all a happy weekend with the ones you love xxx


P/S: I'm back to be a dark-brunette, no more sun-kiss :P 

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