When You're Lazy, You Look Chic


So It's time changing in UK already, as I've acknowledged the time has been behind by an hour again  while I was chilling with mates at Gate Crusher :P For those of you who do not know the place, it's one of the best clubs in Birmingham that if you come down to this city, you'll need to go to this place on a night out. The club looks amazing with lights and the space design, music is well spun by the greatest DJs in UK (such an appropriate place to learn about geography and time changes in the western areas Lol). Back to the topic, I came to realise the weather is losing its warmth of the beautiful gleams of the shining sun, and replacing it with wind boxing your ears every time going out and non-stop rain, clouds :( like a kitten hiding from the miserable weather, I just constantly wrap myself up in my blanket with Lauren and Louisa having tea or just a chin wag :P most of the time after my lectures. Oh yea, and tea as well :P loving those moments when you could just enjoy your peaceful time with a cup of hot earl grey's and listen to William Fitzsimmons (seriously, this guy's such a cracker, I literally could just listen to him all day long). So while there's still a little bit of sun out there, I feel like posting a summer/autumn look just for the sake of celebrating the end of summer/autumn and officially moving into winter :)

The idea of this look is all about being effortless, totally casual, almost undone, lazy kinda look, but that is probably why I love it so much since I couldn't imagine how chic it was till actually wearing it, and purely because I've been lazy not putting effort into wot I wear to go out lately :( I personally think everyone, myself included, is facing the problem of having too much on our plate and too little time to take care of ourselves and making effort in looking good on the daily basis. Some people might think I have gone lunatic wearing singlets to lectures (You all should have seen the look they were giving me Lol), which I don't really think is a criticism. I like being different, enjoy the quirkiness and uniqueness inside of me and totally stand out in the crowd :D I have seen loads and loads of people back at home having the same makeup, hairstyles and even the same kind of clothes everyday, and to be honest, I've felt a bit down; fashion is supposed to be fun, it's something you do everyday, going to your wardrobe and have a blast with mix and match, experiencing new colours that you have not got the courage to try on before; it's about being yourself and exploring all the aspects that you have never seen inside of you, and dare to show them to the world.

The whole process of putting the look together is THE MOST challenging and long-waiting of them all. Starting from the singlets themselves, as I was browsing on H&M online store and all I saw was slogan print singlets like "Parental Advisory", "For Mature Audiences Only" which have turned into one of the most famous trends in 2014. Instantly, I knew I got to have these singlets in my closet, as summer was at its peak, and it would be so fan dabby dozy to wear them with a bit of swag, a little attitude :P But how painful it was for me to have my first experience to online shop on H&M, as I was totally gormless about the whole process of delivery, thinking it'd be just as quick as Zara, till one week after my order had been on post that I received a letter of address confirmation for secured delivery (I live on the uni campus, so it's more complicated to post and receive packages than normal house addresses). That was like a splash of cold water in my face, cause I should have had my H&M package stay neatly in my suitcase while I was getting ready to fly home for summer :(, not anxiously on the waiting mode hoping for it to appear any second of the day.

And so the only solution I had was to ask my mate who was going back home for summer in a month time to receive the package and hand-carry it for me (If you're reading this post, just want you to know I'm SO very thankful that you'd had done such a great favour for me, otherwise there would be no photo shoot for this post xx :P). And so after a month since I arrived home, I finally got my H&M package in my hand (and make a promise not to online shop on H&M site ever again =.=!!).

Back to the look, as it's supposed to be totally effortless, almost undone, quite messy look, I figured jeans the best match to go with the vest :D it's the item of all seasons, especially for autumn/winter street fashion. I'm a big fan of skinny jeans, it's one of the must have items you have got to own in your closet. It's also the best tool when it comes to elongation and complimenting your legs <3 Unfortunately, my coated super skinny jeans from Zara is not carried on anymore this season, but there are still a wide range of choices out there, as for me my second choice after Zara would be Topman :P, their skinny jeans are just so edgy and have that originality that I've always been looking for <3 The chic part comes in with the beige knit blazer from Zara I've been owning. One thing I really love about this blazer is its versatility with different looks. It can be vintage with for a whole suited up look or with plain jumpers, or modern looking with Ts and vests, like a female version of singlets and blazer, which I think is such a chic statement xx

Recently I've taken quite an interest in smart shoes. This is the second item, in my opinion, has a very high level of versatility as it goes with almost every look from casual to formal, daywear as well as nightwear :P I've chosen this pair of Suede Grosgrain Oxford Shoes for the outfit, the dark navy's such a gorgeous colour and not to mention it matches my jeans too xx To me, smart shoes are a tool to sort of polish your look, make it chicer and classier, Plus a bit of heels for a man wouldn't hurt anything right?? Lol!! and for one thing, I just love the sound of the heels touching the ground :D

Thank you Soobio Photography for doing this shoot with me. It's such a blast working with him the second time :P And I hope all you beautiful sexy people have a beautiful day no matter how miserable the weather is (well, at least for me, Birmingham's gone mental with its weather lately hahah)

Stay chic!!

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