My 2015 Comeback


Okay, I know a lot of you would start raising your questions the moment you see this post (or not) like: where have I been the past 2 months? Why haven't I updated my blog? etc etc etc etc and e...t...c Lol! Once again my very very very couldn't-be-more-sincere-than-this apology for not keeping my promise and updating my blog regularly. I've only been done with my exams that took up whole 2 months of my precious time (I know, I'm not really keen on the ideas of coursework, deadlines and revision)

 Is that bad enough having days with:

  • Meals literally got shoved down your throat just to have enough time to revise, and those meals are not healthy at all (be honest, majority of us barely have any time to think of healthy diet during this time, I know I couldnt :P)
  • Constantly sleepless nights, day after day, night after night, which then even the best concealers like Maximum Camouflage of Esteé Lauder couldn't help hide those dark pouts underneath your waterlines (Yep, words can't describe how terrible-looking I was). Not to mention breaking out skin; and those spots just make you think you have been cursed for not working hard enough for your exam, UGH! (I literally ran my bum off to Boots to have an appointment with a dermatologist and started whining about my exams the moment he offered me a seat Lol..)

  • You just can't complain to anyone about it especially your flatmates cause even they are also trying to put up as much as they possibly can with the same unfair system called Life of an Uni Student, that you're under control.
  • It's come to a point when you think EITHER demolishing everything in your room including those notes that you just wanna burn them to the ground, to release all the tensions you've been having cause books just turn to one of your worst enemies that you swear to never touch them again (at least till the second term :P), OR start saving up for therapy...... :( Life's just unfair, it is!!

  • Last minute cram would just make you freak out even more but you just couldn't do anything to change the fact that your brain does not accept anymore entries of information 5 mins before the exam.

????????????????????????????? and more ??????????? and even more ???????????................

The answer for that lengthy question is NO. As soon as you put a footstep down into that petrifying room, you'd start feeling butterflies in your tummy not being able to bare the thought of staying there for 2 hours, thinking "Oh God, I'm gonna screw this up" and start crying on the inside whilst everyone else was just having their eyes stuck to the answer sheets and writing a whole bunch and you're just forgetting your revision slowly....reeeeeeeally slowly.

That one time when I got back from an exam, oh well, it was just 3 days ago okay? Hahah :P, I was so upset about that exam cause literally everything I learnt for it just slipped away when I needed it most :'(, and so upset turned into madness. And when people are mad, they do crazy things Lol. I went mental at it and decided to go town cause I've not been back to the city centre for ages since I came back from Christmas and NYE at home. The walk took me to Selfridges (heheheheh), after 10 mins butchering every single counter in the beauty department, I decided to throw my money out for a bottle of DiorSnow White Reveal Moisturising Lotion, which is quite a good investment come to think about it now, since I've gone quite tanned for a while. But yea, £40 in 10 minutes, I guarantee I can totally be some distinct relative of Rebecca Bloomwood in Confession Of A Shopaholic, I really can Lol.

But yet, all the worst have gone by and I just can't dwell on the past (despite the fact it's just ended yesterday Lol), Happy does not even begin the cover of how I'm feeling right now. There're lots of exciting posts and events coming up and I'm overexcited to be updating about the latest events in my life, as well as my Christmas and New Year's Eve though February is so nearby already, my upcoming collaboration with brands and furthermore, London Fashion Weekend :P which is gonna be a fun-filled event in February :P

Stay tune for my upcoming post "Happily Ever After", a tribute to my beloved sister on the happiest day of her life <3 <3 Hope you have a peaceful and beautiful weekends, for me it's a sunshine Saturday in Birmingham but just not able to go out as my wallet's in a heavy damage of not having any cash left Lol

Love you all loads xx!!

(Throwback to my shoot for The French Boy)

Stay chic

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