Happily Ever After


Well this is gonna be a really long post :P

 As I have mentioned in my last post, I spent my Christmas and New Year's Eve out of UK with my family in Vietnam. It's not that I wanna leave behind the Christmas snow (though there was none), the Christmas German Market (and Winter Wonderland in London), and the NYE firework at London Eye :(, but for the sake of love and family, it was my sister's wedding that I decided to pack 3 quarters of my suitcase filled with her wedding decorations (I guess shopping gene runs in the family hahah), and went on an almost 24-hour flight to come back and spend my whole holiday with family and definitely my beloved sister xx So in honour of her marriage has been a month and this is the first Valentine's day she got to celebrate with the man of her life, I have decided to do this post as a tribute to my one and only beautiful sister.

How do I begin this? Well, from the moment she told me about her being "serious" with this guy, I was like "OMG, is this actually happening? Am I dreaming or my sister's in a relationship??" hahah! We've always been joking with each other about when she was gonna have a boyfriend and like actually started dating cause my parents.... they were worried sick.... (or maybe not Lol). So it was a summer morning, I was still in my beauty sleep dreaming about "OMG, that's the Dior coat I want, get that for meeeeeh" :P, my sister woke me up with like a thousand beeps of message tone from my phone, I got totally brassed off till the point I almost shove my phone down the toilet (yea, I had problems with my attitude sometimes.... NOT hahah), but still tried to remain calm and like a loving little brother. After a short chit chat of our usual topics like my parents, shopping, she opened up to me with:

-So you know i've been seeing this guy, don't you?

-Yeah, or that's at least what I heard from mum.

-Well.... We're official now.

My eyes couldn't open any more widely the moment she dropped that off to me, it was like taking a massive dose of caffein, and I almost fell off my bed... Good way to start my morning.....

-Okay... So you're in a relationship now??- I asked


OMGGGGG, omg OH MY GOD, this was really happening, my sister's having a boyfriend oommmggggg I started hearing the bells on the wedding day ringing in my mind :P

As summer approached and being kicked out of uni to go home, I was even more anxious/excited to see the face of the lad my sister decided to fall for...Like any other protective, loving and caring little brother (this is totally self-made Hahah), millions of questions popped in my mind... Was he good looking enough for my sister??? Had he been treating my sister well or a total wanker?? blah blah blah....

With a whole form of a survey questionnaire like that in my mind, my relationship with my brother in-law started off with me giving him the cold face the first thing when I opened the door for him; followed by a whole chain of days with attitude and curt answers. Friends all told me it was a normal reaction to be brassed off seeing my sister being taken away from me. Oh well... all I can say was I treated him like he was a sod to me lol.

"Every relationship has a turning point"- That is what I have learnt from our relation ship between me and my bro. 4 months of summer was not there for just grudges and hatred (slightly a little bit). Nightly hangouts, coffee, dinners and definitely holidays, are good tips to change a relationship from the edge of failing to "welcome to the family, bro". However, there are still moments if you just look in, you'll realise I'm the evil third wheel trying to interfere in their relationship Lol.

And their 2-year relationship had blossomed into this beautiful flower of marriage today, and I could not be any prouder and more happy for her. Watching my dad taking her on the aisle to the man she honoured and cherished and was to spend the rest of her life with, she has turned into this woman with maturity, elegance and poise, one of the little birdies has flown out of the coop to follow her dream. Yes, I knew from this moment, it was gonna be a rough time for me without my sister by my side all the time as we were little, but I would just want her to have all the best and happiness in this world, and wish them happily ever after xx And I'm sure everyone there, my parents, my relatives and all of their friends would be wishing for them the same on the happiest day of her life xx

A little bit on the fashion side; as soon as I got to see her in her wedding gown, she looked absolutely stunning. The gown was designed and hand-tailored for her from a local designer named Lekchi. While waiting for my sister getting changed, I got to browse through their lookbook and I must say they were impressively gorgeous, I found them very fresh and forward but still very couture and graceful, and one thing is my sister's gown did remind me of quite a breeze of Elie Saab tho, which I find very interesting xx

Here are some of the moments I had with my sister and the bridesmaids, the best of her friends xx

As on the big day, I decided to combine my Hugo Boss suit in shiny dark navy with a white mandarin collar shirt from Zara, and definitely my favourite pair of shoes from Fratelli Rossetti, that was such a bargain I managed to get from Bicester Village, my apology if you cannot see those shoes in the photos as I could not direct the whole shoot as I used to. I brought a twist to the look by combining the outfit with a colour matching woollen scarf from Ralph Lauren.... well I kinda nicked it from my dad and brought it along with me back to UK (sorry dad...) hahah.

I know I have posted a sneak peak of this post on Instagram a long time ago but till now that I have got to post it, and I'm very sorry for this postpone. Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend cause it's already Saturday in the UK now.

Stay chic

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