Dior Cruise 2015


Although I mainly do posts on menswear, and the cruise season has passed by for quite a while and SS 15 is already here, I still keep thinking about how wonderful each collection in the cruise season was like Chanel, Elie Saab, Balenciaga, etc, and then it turned me to another thought of how fast paced fashion has been lately, which truly makes my head spin like a top, but it's still an exciting spin though, Lol. And so I feel the urge of doing a post on a women's collection during the resort season as it was impressively beautiful and I even had to download it to my Iphone so I can watch it EVERYDAY, especially at the gym. I hereby present to you again, some of the highlights of Dior Cruise Collection 2015.

Who could have thought Dior would be so beautiful and more innovative, but still be able to keep the brand's quality after John Galliano had left the house of Dior. Raf Simons has done an amazing job in taking Dior from being very classic, kinda 1920s fashion sometimes, to this new modern look, sharp-edged and elegant. Being the person obsessed with good materials as well as the use of different mixtures of fabrics, It is so interesting how Simons has used the patterned silk on the sleeveless draped top above, mix them with a pair of high-waisted lean trousers and open-toed high heels; which to me has become one of my favourite look of all time cause it's so good at exaggeration and enhancement of the body's features.

One thing I really love about this year's cruise collection is the transparent dresses built up by rafia knitting and complex embroidery, it gives the glittery effect that makes the looks more sophisticated and very high-fashioned. Also the use of patterned sleeveless silk underneath the net top makes it so stunning and modern. 

These layered silk dresses in different colours with such ornamental embroidery truly did take the spotlight in the show. They just make you feel beautiful the moment you put it on, just let it do its job, glide through, move and mould your body. I do think these designs have great versatility as they can be worn for any occasions, from morning garden party, to afternoon tea and even evening events. 

Floral prints have been very usual to be seen on the catwalk as well as daily wear. However, Simons has been able to turn them into his signature prints, making each garment look like a piece of art with the prints looked like they have been painted on the fabrics. Some people see this as being too safe, but I think this is definitely inspiring in its own way. After all, being on a cruise is about being comfortable, chic and purely beautiful with sophistication but also simplicity, and I think these looks have adapted well to all of those requirements given. 

What do you think of cocktail dresses with 3 different patterns: colourful sequins, flora and stripes juxtaposed? I think it's a fabulous idea and it would be a good way to draw all the attention to you when your at a party :P

These are the 2 of my favourite looks from the show. The sequins are a fantastic touch as they come in my favourite colours: cherry blossom pink and persian green (well if I was right Lol). Also as being a lover of uniqueness in the cutting and shapes of the garment, It is so cool to see how Simons has made draped skirts and tops more graphical looking.

Being soft and a bit romantic is what I think women would expect in the outfit they are gonna put on during the cruise season. Needless to say, these draped skirts with abstract prints did know how to work their magic amazingly. 

And last but not least, are these really chic looks with long gorgeous black silk dresses paired with printed tops. The abstract prints have been used repeatedly, but instead of boredom, it was really fun to see how the prints appear on different garments with different cuts and shapes. From what I've seen, the whole collection is not as "boring and safe" as many people have said, it is fun in its own way. What i love about the collection is that it seems like each garment is created from the use of luxuriously painted and plain silk scarfs match with each other and turned into different shapes.

Wot are your thoughts on the collection? I know there are so many different opinions out there and I'd love to hear them all from you xx!!

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