Summer In The Air


Having to say moving back from UK to Hanoi for summer consumes my whole energy immensely as the result of packing my whole room on campus ready to get kicked out of university for summer. Furthermore, it is a lot of work to do not just packing but also planning accommodation for second year, going shopping for my family (which is the only interesting out of the whole going home for summer thing), and not to mention plenty of emotions filling you up: excitement to be going home, sadness for leaving all your friends about to graduate, but mostly, for me, is worrying about the jet lag and the weather at home. When you have been used to the rain, snow, and everything cold after a year, taking yourself back to a place filled with crazy sun, the temperature going up to 40 degrees every single day, extremely humid and in a different time zone, takes more than just a few days of adjustments to your body, but even your commitment (trust me, it's been taking me the whole month). However, before getting back home for summer, i got to spend a few good last days with my mates both in Birmingham and later then London and no further said, those were the most pleasant days to begin my summer.

Summer to me is always about being comfortable, fun but still chic and trendy. If black is slimming and sexy then bright colours are a good way for me to accentuate all the best features I have. I try to search for inspiration from different sources like tumblr, instagram, lookbook, and from all other fashion bloggers together with my own personal style to create the new looks for myself, which is gonna make it a promising summer.. Patterns are great for summer, like stripes and especially floral prints which have appeared in so many spring/summer 2014 collections like Givenchy or Gucci. However, I tend to move towards chicness and edginess by mixing plain colours together to create a sharp-edged look but still being able to keep the casualty and simplicity.

These pictures were taken while i was attending a barbecue taken place in Birmingham. As it was a beautiful sunny day and the fact that I was about to have a picnic with my mates, why not trying something a little bit sporty. So i pair my emerald green chino shorts with a basic white T and blue shoes; and a dark marine raffia knit jacket as a statement piece to the look and accessorised it with my lovely Prada shades, and it could have not been better for an outing. For the time being, Zara has been one of my favourite store or as I say fashion provider. Every piece in either man's or woman's line speaks high fashion and good quality and reminds myself of a great design from any big brands, not that I am saying it's copycat, but it is an inspiring design stemming in and each still has its own unique quality. One time me and my best friend even spent a whole skype session talking all the garments we own and found from Zara and how versatile as well as trendy they could be and how great they would look coming together as a complete look.

There is nothing better than dressing up and walking down the streets of London like the famous Oxford Circus even just for browsing all the stores, i mean it is totally fun to do. For the summer London look, i decided to go back to the emerald chino shorts and the sunglasses as parts of the look. However, this time I wore them with a striped leather combination T and beige knit blazer, which makes the look more summery and refreshing. I specifically love the T cause it gives me the vibe of Givenchy in its recent menswear collections. For shoes and accessories, I used the matching floral patterned espadrilles and clutch, cause wot could say summer better than floral print.

Photo credits to Quang. Thank you for amazing shots!!

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