The House Of Couture FW 2014 Part 1


It might be quite early to talk about winter as we are all enjoying the golden sunshine, the hot weather and for some places, extreme humidity (I know I'm in one of them places Lol); but it's never too soon to talk about fashion, more specifically fall/winter fashion. After the men's fashion week for spring/summer 2015 has been released with eye-catching, jaw-dropping collections (or at least I did so when watching each and every show appears on screen), let's come back to 2014 with half of the year ahead and stunning fall/winter collections from the runway. There's nothing more exciting to me when acknowledging it's time for the couture FW 2014, as everybody, including myself, would be directed towards Paris, The House Of Haute Couture, awaiting for the latest trends to emerge from the catwalk. So this is the opportunity for me to share some of the highlights of my favourite  couture collections from fall/winter 2014.

Let's open the Haute Couture season with Atelier Versace xxx

I'm very glad to see MariaCarla Boscono back on the runway after ages. This girl's seriously a top model in the industry. She has a beautiful, elegant look and her walk's one of a kind.

There are so many thoughts when I was watching the collection, but if i have to wrap them up in words, that would be: glamorous, powerful, chic and edgy. Versace's the master of extreme glamour. I always love the combination of golden metal and luxurious fabrics as it to me, has been a bold statement of high fashion and sophistication.

Strong cutting is one of the great details in this collection and is the one thing for a fashion lover like me to be obsessed with and seeking for everyday. Versace makes each of their gowns comes to life with recklessness, empowerment and sexiness, as a way of celebrating and treasuring a woman's body.




Spotted on the runway of Atelier this season are the gorgeous dark coloured gowns with huge chains behind. Versace has taken big gowns to the next level using edgy cutting, strong combinations of materials and one thing which really caught my attention, is the use of tassels. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of tassels as the matter of fact, it is one of the difficult tools to be styled due to wot I think, even though I still wanna try it badly. Attaching tassels to the gown is definitely least expected it is so interesting but still have got that vibe of Versace within. Overall, this is definitely a stunning collection well-chosen to open Paris Haute Couture season.

Next up, Dior Couture Fall/Winter 2014, the love of my life.

As I mentioned in my last post, Raf Simons has proved himself to be the next well-worthy creative director of the house of Dior. This couture collection is another of his successes as wot I have expected from him: very stunning, coutury (if that's even a word, Lol) and maximum level of elegance.

A major white on white collection, vintage, classic chicness. When you watch the the show, you think about all the fairy tales been told, about Alice in wonderland (the real movie) fashion, about the little Snow White in Mirror Mirror (starring Lily Collins, my love), and about fashion for going to balls. 

However, though being said so, the garments still contain the modernity, the classiness of the Upper East Side women, the world of the élite. These are transfused through these tracksuits with crafty embroidery, through the long extremely chic dark and white trench coats.

Couture to me is no longer about concentrating on the shape of garments, making them as unusual and different as possible, but it's more about the detail, the use of materials, the texture played upon each of the garments, great cuts with interesting colours, which says the value held within each gown or a suit when worn, the high levelled sophistication of the detail, and it's the ability of the designer to create the uniqueness out of the combination of simplicity and complexity. Whenever holding a piece of luxurious clothing in hand, I always have the urge to feel the quality of the material, the delicacy of the ornament placed upon the the outfit, which decides the fate of the piece, whether it has wot it takes to create something different, if it has that couture quality I'm seeking for, or if it's capable of inspiring me for a new look of the day.

Needless to say, Dior has made a big statement in this Haute Couture season. A round of applause for Mr.Simons.

Stay tune for part 2 of the House Of Couture FW 2014.

I'd love to hear your opinions about these 2 collections. They are definitely my 2 favourites of the season.

Hope you all will have a fantastic new day, keep up with the good work, and fashion. For me, It's time to get busy with something special but thank God it's weekend so I'd have more time :D

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Love you all!! Cheers xxx

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