The House Of Couture FW 2014 Part 2


I've been super busy lately with all the preparation for the driving test and now the trip to Singapore, and to be honest, that's not a pleasant feeling when everything comes to you at once whilst you are having not much time left :(. So I've been neglecting my blog for a few days and I feel terrible about it, which is why I feel like it's time for me to publish this post while in Singapore. YEP, I am in Singapore hahah, feels wonderful to be back to the place once were my home for 2 years. Anyways, as many of you may or may have been wandering about wot Im gonna be posting in part 2 of The House Of Couture, I'm just as excited and been working on this post to keep you all posted with my favourite collections on the runway as every of you have been because this couture FW 2014's definitely a full of surprises one. Well wait no longer, I welcome you back to the land of wonders, theatricals and beauty.

First up for the day, welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the party hosted by Giambattista Valli!!

First of all, I have to say it's such a clever idea of the head wraps used in this collection. It almost seems like a turbaned bandana, like you usually see from those high-classes women having lunch by the pool, ugh, just classy to the maximum.

One of the things spotted in the collection is the inspiring garments with stripes. It seems to me like a normal black and white stripes pyjama under Valli's hands has turned into these gorgeous, chic draped dresses with graphical shapes creating an unique quality held within each of the pieces. That's wot I love about Valli, being able to create the couture out of simplicity.

Stripes and stripes and more stripes, same print but not repetitive and boring. In contrast, that's the fun element of the collection. Different materials and shapes of the outfit with the same stripes are just enough for me if it's Giambattista Valli. I love those striped pencil skirts with shiny fabric, almost like latex but it's more comfortable to move and the fact that he's used the sheer chiffon as a layer over the shiny leather body of the skirt in first look above. Then pairing them with striped crop tops keeps the the simplicity of the looks, but definitely bringing the chicness and the elegance to the party. And then there's the big striped skirt with asymmetrical and very graphical bow in front as the embellishment of the skirt, then matches with same print tank top is just smashing. This then says the new couture definition to me: less is more.

Spotted, a massive garden filled with the most beautiful flowers in the world emerged from the catwalk. It almost seemed like the show has been turned into a garden party with such playful colours, from peachy pink to lilac, the burnished green of the leaves. It almost feels like spring is back in the air. That comes from the aggressive but also progressive use of floral embroidery. Valli's utilised all of the most exquisite flowers blossoming  and bring them into his collection, almost like he's trying to captivate the spring/summer essence and hold it within the air of fall/winter 2014. 

The grand finale of the show cannot be anymore breathtaking than this with big rainbow ball gowns in my favourite tones of colours: slowly fading orange red and light green, baby blue and bright yellow. This is such a extravaganza of feathery tulle, it's like tufts and tufts and tufts of sheared silk and feather that created these beautiful gowns for the show. And one thing I really love is the mix of these ball gowns with boyfriend shirts makes the whole look just simply elegant. This is a big celebration to the freedom of fashion, the charm and refinement of the women in the 70s, but also the modern eccentricity in the Valli's way. Needless to say, Giambattista Valli is the show of the season, lots of love for this couture collection xxx!!!

One thing I realised is that this year couture fashion week, every collection I like always comes in pair of dark and bright, like my last post with Versace and Dior. For this second part, I present to you the darker side, more seductive with such sensuality, Armani Prive' FW 2014:

Chic, elegant, simplicity, classic beauty are wot you can only think about when watching the show. Mr.Armani never stops surprising his audiences with his breathtaking designs. This fall/winter, Armani has brought a new side of couture to the world of fashion, something I've been believing in which is gonna create a new era for the fashion industry: coutury simplicity :P. It arises from the first part of the shows with a series of shorter looks: shorts, mini dresses and skirts with such flow and lightness, that brings up the elegance in each look. The white trench coat's just simply gorgeous and I'm extremely in love with those short capes, very stunning with a touch of bows, that has exaggerated the classiness of the looks. 

If anyone asked me to explain wot couture is in fashion today. Ideally, that would be the quirkiness of the two elements modesty and complication, and it's the beauty of the past, of all the glorious time of the 60s and 70s, combined with the modernity of the 21st century, the upper-classed lavishness. Altogether, they form a new image of couture fashion: sophistication, purity, innocent but also sultry and empowered.

One collection circulates only 3 colours of the palette: white, red and black, but has made a strong voice for the collection, saying this is the beauty, this is femininity and masculinity of the women, and this is Armani. I love how the show has been in transition from minimalism slowly to more sophistication. The coats are now covered in black dots and drawing that almost seems to come from lipstick <3, at the same time, there are oversized red dress, sheer chiffon flowy top with red dots, and black sheer waistcoat adorned by black beads. That to me speaks high fashion.

These gorgeous silk and laced dresses just take my breath away, it makes me for once tremble and think there could not be anything more fantastic that these lovely dresses. There was no jewellery for these looks, it was all about the garments, and how they accentuates and accents the body of the women, as mademoiselle Chanel once said 'A woman's body defines the shape of the dress'.

I feel the urge to show this many looks of the collection as they are just so ravishing. The minimalism in the beginning of the show seems to be the red carpet for these evening wear at the end of the show to walk in. Now it's the burst of romanticism , an explosion of volume with beautiful gowns embellished with sheer chiffon, beads, tulle, establishing such an extravaganza and worn with strikingly beautiful headpieces with black veils and red beads as adornment, altogether has become a sensation. Mr.Armani is truly a master in creating beauty, a vision for women. J'adore xxx

I know there are still so many collections out there that strikes me with astonishment, but there seems to be not enough space in a post to convey all the thoughts and love for all the collections that caught my eye in the Couture FW 2014. Overall, this season has been one of the spectacular ones and i'm so proud to get to witness each and every collection has come down to the runway. This is a way for me to pay my respect to all the masters of creating style and fashion out there. You have done an amazing job.

Tell me wot you think on these collections, and also wot are your favourites? I would be very happy to ave all the opinions from each and everyone of you fashion lovers.

Also I wish you all a great week ahead, and for those who have to go to work daily, don't worry, it's gonna be Friday soon :P

Stay chic and stylish

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